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Today I realized just where I was willing to take a slave. I had someone approach me about being nullified. I had heard about this before, but under a different description/name. I researched nulli’s and found that OH YES! I could truly enjoy this. Now mind you this is going to take some serious time [...]

a sissy called me tonight and all he wanted was to lick and suck cum, so I come up with an reverse bukkake circle. She is in the middle in her slut clothes, and a circle of Dominant Females surround him. We all start jerking off on our strap on dildo’s which magiacally start shooting [...]

The Raging Bull…

I first decided to start writing to get back into the groove of it all.

Then Phishman Died.

I was so ready but not so ready all at the same time. It seemed that the mourning was not enough. I feel weird being here and knowing he is not. So I have sat unable to write for [...]