a sheer thought of brilliance

a sissy called me tonight and all he wanted was to lick and suck cum, so I come up with an reverse bukkake circle. She is in the middle in her slut clothes, and a circle of Dominant Females surround him. We all start jerking off on our strap on dildo’s which magiacally start shooting cum all over the slut whore in the center of the circle. A brilliant bit of thought this one or so I decided. So I am building this up to a crescendo of cum covering him from head to toe calling him my dirty cock sucking cum slurping whore have this just wicked image in my head personally all arty and latex clothing, woman 6 ft in heels to the diety of your choice. Him cowering and crying covered in cum < never said I wasnt twisted >
when he says

“Then, Then, Mistress can I eat everyone’s shit hummmm Mistress I want to eat shit!”

Well knock me over with a feather where did that come from. When the call started and I casually asked him his likes and dislikes he vehemently denied interest in scat. Hmmmmm interesting how in the moment of true passion and release you ask and do and give damn near anything. Intoxicating thing Orgasms are. Here it made someone who swore to his diety that would not even look at someones waste now asking for it to be shoved in his mouth. I sat and thought , well this is something that we all do when the inhibitions are down we let things out we usually wouldn’t.And that is the interesting part of this job knowing I hold secret dreams. When they call we enter together the caller the guide and myself the witness and narrator. Damn sight better then the old job of listening to people whine about their APR and late fees. Of course tomorrow someone could call and completely twist my already twisted head. So this could all change then but for now it is better

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