Today I realized just where I was willing to take a slave. I had someone approach me about being nullified. I had heard about this before, but under a different description/name. I researched nulli’s and found that OH YES! I could truly enjoy this. Now mind you this is going to take some serious time money and effort. Not to mention the person to be nullified. If they so desired though and where willing to go through with it. It intrigues me this erasing of sexuality. I think it would be interesting to do, watch how the person deals with it and the forced feminization that should accompany it. I don’t know why this intrigues me so, but it has become a definate desire to see this happen.

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3 Responses to “nullification”  

  1. 1 brendatv2

    I have fantasized about being nullified as it would be extremely frustrating.

  2. 2 mim

    and that is the beauty of it. the absolute frustration it would give the slave.
    Something that someday I hope to be able to accomplish with the right submissive.

  3. 3 brendatv2

    Would keep such a nullified slave for yourself?

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