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Spent yesterday in Branson Missouri, for anyone who doesn’t know it is the mecca to all things kitschy, country, loud, garish, obscenely patriotic and I hate it. It is about 45 minutes south of where I live and the home of My best friends Mother. I went there with Ms. Scarlett < said best friend [...]

In the last few weeks I have been called some pretty, well shall I say, interesting things. Of course there is the Emotional Sadist crack… Im thinking having that put on a business card. At a recent party of some of My vanilla friends< they all know what I do it just scares them > [...]

What the hell is up with the people out there who say the are submissive or slave material… I am appalled at the manner in which they present themselves and their demands to a prospective Mistress. I am tired of having them ask Me to promise the moon, just so they will consider coming here [...]

I didnt really think any of the people I talk to would ever find this blog. But I was wrong, I think instead of using this as a way to talk about my job. This is more going to be a forum for Me to talk about My life after the bitch boots come off. [...]