I didnt really think any of the people I talk to would ever find this blog. But I was wrong, I think instead of using this as a way to talk about my job. This is more going to be a forum for Me to talk about My life after the bitch boots come off. To show the real person behind the dominant female. I had someone tell Me that I seem more real then alot fo the others Dommes he has had dealings with. I thought about this for a long time, I am real I have lived this lifestyle since that day in March of 1999 when I sent that first email to the Man who became My Master, then My Mentor and finally My love and Soul Mate. I eat sleep and breathe this life.

It permeates all I do, even to the point that I chose to become a Pro Domme. I think part of it for Me is that before I knew all this was here I really considered myself a Harridan an fishwife one of those overbearing women who would have nothing more than a milktoast husband who allowed himself to be pushed around . Considering that The Master is no milktoast I am forced to reconsider the fishwife reference. It was there because society helped push that idea into Me and My brain. I am not that woman but society would make me believe I am. Perhaps part of it has to do with Me being a Woman of size.

Everyone Knows that only the thin and beautiful are truly worthy of love and being loved. I now know this is a crock, but it is the message that is sent daily to girls across the world. If you are not picture perfect then there is no one for you unless you browbeat them into it. Hmmmmm I wonder how much longer I will work to completely remove the image of the domineering woman and replace it with the image of the powerful Dominant woman.

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