What the hell is up with the people out there who say the are submissive or slave material… I am appalled at the manner in which they present themselves and their demands to a prospective Mistress. I am tired of having them ask Me to promise the moon, just so they will consider coming here to serve Me. I dont think this is how it works for Me. I tell you what I am looking for, this suits your fancy then good, if not keep looking you’ll find your match in kink someday soon. But do not even begin to presume to to tell Me how to run My business and My personal dealings with slaves to suit YOUR NEEDS I could care less if you do not like the wayI do things, If it mattered so much to Me what you thought then I would be the one on My knees begging for a collar and not the other way around. Then there are the ones who write Me long beautiful emails telling me over their eternal devotion. As soon as I start delving into character and setting initial tasks, all of a sudden I am too severe and Demanding. Thats the Job description sweetie get used to it! Sometimes even as the dominant I feel as if some of the men I deal with feel that even here in the absolute that is this lifestyle they can negotiate and bargain on getting the most bang for their cock while limiting My return on the time I invest. Which is Bullshit as far as I am concerned. Well now that I have bitched about the sorry state of affairs in slavery today I return you to your normally scheduled programming….

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