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Mom Release 2.0

Odd day today for Me. When I woke up this afternoon, yes afternoon, I had a message waiting for Me from my Mom. I am always nervous calling her back, don’t know if she is calling to yell or be nice. Well she told Me that she had finally sold her house. That she had [...]

Sex and Politics

the revolution will be sensualized I had seen the name quite alot in the sidebars of all the blogs I read. Tonight for the first time I really took a look at the site, I am now kicking Myself for not having looked earlier. There are Lovely photos of some loverly and luscious women [...]

I have always wanted to do this and well of course any of these I really think it all started when as a very young girl I saw two movies that really opened My eyes to things, Tattoo as well as A man called Horse
I think these films sat in My subconscious messing with [...]

It seems only fitting that since having the hysterectomy instead of crying over every little thing like I used to, I now get angry, instantly furious, white hot rage. Mind you I have enough self control to keep it all in and diffuse it properly so no one gets hurt. Ok perhaps just a bit [...]

I have been contemplating things that I find genuinely interesting about being a Phone Sex Operator. I have come to the conclusion being called Mommy during a call is the topper. It doesn’t matter if the caller wants to be sissified, turned into a sex whore, slut, used as a toy, or be forced to [...]

My Familiar

Today I lost one of My best friends, My cat Peyote had been with Me since I was 18. He was born in the parking lot of a Grateful Dead show, almost fitting that he should pass on the anniversary of the Fat Mans death. He was without a doubt the most cantankerous cat, yet [...]

Thats it for the Other One

Today Marks the 10 year anniversary of the death of Jerry Garcia.

Escapin’ through the lily field I came across an empty space

It trembled and exploded Left a bus stop in its place

The bus came by and I got on That’s when it all began

There was Captain Trips At [...]

Lady Lazarus

Herr God, Herr Lucifer Beware Beware.
Out of the ash I rise with my red hair And I eat men like air.

Sylvia Plath

While on the phone with a prospective client for a session. I was asked if I would offer mercy if begged for it. I immediately responded that I have No mercy. The line went silent, I thought perhaps the client had disconnected, then very quietly I heard him say,
“Oh Goddess to hear that arouses me [...]