I have been contemplating things that I find genuinely interesting about being a Phone Sex Operator. I have come to the conclusion being called Mommy during a call is the topper. It doesn’t matter if the caller wants to be sissified, turned into a sex whore, slut, used as a toy, or be forced to take My big mean strap on. They all end up calling Me Mommy, very rarely am I called Mistress or Mim.
Never wanting kids, I have never really thought about the heft of that word. It is symbolic of all the Mommy images we know, from Donna Reed to Joan Crawford. Most of the callers I have, seem to want the Joan Crawford Mommy, the one who beats them with a wire hanger for mussing up their pretty little dresses. They want the stern Mommy, and well, the Mommy who has some pretty interesting fantasies in the proper upbringing of young boys. Sometimes it gets to Me the level of nastiness they want to go. But for the most part I go with the flow of the call and can now almost predict when the caller is into his fantasy enough to where I become THE MOMMY! I then force them to suck cock and take it up the ass. I force them to dress like a slut and whore themselves out for Me. Its very interesting to Me, how far they let Me take it. How deep this fantasy must be for these men. All in all if you had told Me when I was younger that the only time I would be called Mommy, was in the middle of a BDSM phone session, I wouldn’t have believed you in a million years.

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