I want to hang

Ron Garza

I have always wanted to do this and well of course any of these I really think it all started when as a very young girl I saw two movies that really opened My eyes to things, Tattoo as well as A man called Horse
I think these films sat in My subconscious messing with My views on beauty as well as the art of ritual. As I grew older I had a hard time figuring out how I could express My vision of beauty through ritual. I kept remembering images of of flesh covered in tattoos; images of bodies hanging. By the time I was 15, I was drawn in completely, and started researching tattoos. From there I found out about piercings, the only thing left was to discover how to fly. I learned of Fakir Musafar and his modern Primitive movement and then I discovered the idea of doing a suspension could feasibly happen. I had stumbled onto the modern primitive movement in the late 80’s early 90’s due to My dear brothers Mouse, Bosilicous and Dzan. They were the first to brand, tattoo, and pierce Me.
I sometimes wonder if this was due to growing up as the fat girl and never feeling accepted by societies standards of beauty. I made My own, that fit Me and only Me. I think that is why I chose to have the images I did permanently a part of My flesh.
I do think someday I will fly and when I do, My Brothers and Sisters will be there holding the ropes and guiding Me as I touch the face of the Goddess. I have done enough in the art of body modifications as well as in the World of BDSM, that I know something as passionate as a full body suspension by hanging will blow away everything else I have ever done.

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