Mom Release 2.0

Odd day today for Me. When I woke up this afternoon, yes afternoon, I had a message waiting for Me from my Mom. I am always nervous calling her back, don’t know if she is calling to yell or be nice. Well she told Me that she had finally sold her house. That she had some things for Me to have, like the china she and My father got when they got married. Some furniture and other things as well. I was only half awake when I agreed to be at her house within the hour. When I hung up My partner, the Dragon, looked at Me as if I had morphed into a step ford daughter. I told him he didn’t have to go, and ignored the sigh of relief he issued, as I drank My coffee steeling Myself up for the visit.
I had lived in that house for quite a few years before going to college. It was not the house that I grew up in, but still good memories in that house. Of course there were the bad ones that outnumbered the good for Me. I can remember vividly the screaming matches about My families hatred for Gay people, the beginnings of my own love for women stirring in My chest. Her demanding of Me to swear on the bible that I wasn’t gay and that none of My friends were gay. I remember her telling Me that I was ruining My life by going to those Dead shows and I was going to end up in rehab which by the way never happened. I honestly did a hell of a lot of partying back then but I do believe the Goddess was keeping an eye on Me even then. That it didn’t matter that I was intelligent, compassionate, empathic, a natural leader etc. As Long as I was fat I would be hated and unloved. I was the black sheep in My family. And well looking at Me versus them now, I still am.
So it was with obvious trepidation that I got ready to go see her. In that time My gay husband, The KG showed up and He decided He wanted to go with Me, which made the Dragon giggle even more.
There I go with new body art < new brand to her on back of My calf> , new hair color and a gay man. Oh Goddess what was I thinking….
Well it couldn’t have gone better. I know My mom will never understand the Lifestyle side or if I can help it ever know about the lifestyle side. But wow the woman I talked to today was a new and better version of My Mom. She was open and earthy, Laughing and being free spirited. Well and a bit tipsy, but all in all it went really well and she told Me things I never knew about My granparents < her mom and dad>. Told Me again what an asshole My dad was, a common theme when he is being discussed. Over all one of the better times I have had with her in a while. It was really nice and refreshing in a off kilter David Lynch version of The Step ford Mothers or something.
I came home to the Dragon somewhat mystified by the woman who looked just like My mom but was most definitely, with some upgrades, a better version. Mom Release 2.0, hmmm and of course just after My post about being called mommy in Live scenes and phone sessions. Eris is twisted

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