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Sometimes I think the world would just be a much happier place if everyone and I mean everyone could really get down and dirty and masturbate. What ? Play with My naughty bits? ! ? ! ? ! ? Yes, get familiar with yourself, remind yourself of the simple joy of touching yourself. I look [...]

was reading My list of favorite blogs today when I came across a guest post at PantiesPantiesPanties I love reading Hiromi and Brett’s different experience’s and candid thoughts about their sexual explorations. I always read with great interest every time they post something on anal sex, My Partner loves anal but I have serious issues [...]

caught in the act…

When having sex in your car in a public place make sure no photographers are lurking about.

I came across this site, tonight while surfing the net. It seems that the photographer happens to live right off an alley where people tend to go to have sex. He got tired of being disturbed…so he decided to [...]

Sometimes My Goddess Eris beams down from the aether known a CHAOS, to show Me that she does watch Me and see that My life deserves really nice juicy things to happen when I am at My most stressed.
We have a dear friend, a tasty Strawberry Tart of a woman, that both the Dragon and [...]

Tonight I recieved a call from a potential client, it was all going well till he said he was really interested in doing a double Mistress session. I told him that is fine that can be accomodated. Then he starts demanding that I send him pictures of all the Mistresses I know so he can [...]

So I was digging through boxes of photos the other night and was amused when I came across this particular photo of myself. Looking at it I realize I am 20 years old, which means this photo was taken in 1989. Of course I say all the normal things, wow I looked so young.. [...]

The Goddess asks what the tattoo on My leg is . Here is a close up of it, for your viewing pleasures

well a better image none the less.

The Green Man Just one of the many faces representing the male diety in My belief system as a Pagan. This is only partially done, and when [...]

and once more with feeling

this is a test of the emergency Mistress system this is only a test… in the event of a real emergency… you will be directed to the closest Dungeon available…. and the beatings will commence
this is only a test

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