I think I was goth before it had a name

Mim 20 years old

So I was digging through boxes of photos the other night and was amused when I came across this particular photo of myself. Looking at it I realize I am 20 years old, which means this photo was taken in 1989. Of course I say all the normal things, wow I looked so young.. look at how pale I am even then . Yeh I know part of that is from the fact it is B/W. But I really liked the picture and showed it to My Partner who stated ” wow when were you goth? ”

For the record I have nothing at all against the goth community and in fact love so much of the clothing and music I feel somewhat partial to it all. Just never really proclaimed myself as such. Looking at the picture though I realized that yep that is what it was. I was in college and as a close knit group of outcasts freaks and nutters, we were all Drama, Music, Language, Dance, Art, majors. Lots of black clothing, pale skin from long nights in the theatre. And even longer nights getting drunk on cheap wine and smoking clove cigarettes, sitting in the cemetary across the street from the house I shared as a blossoming commune. We would wander about taking pictures and talking about how different we wanted to see the world when we got out of college. Well this is not the world we envisioned by a long shot, and mores the pity for that.

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