Sometimes My Goddess Eris beams down from the aether known a CHAOS, to show Me that she does watch Me and see that My life deserves really nice juicy things to happen when I am at My most stressed.
We have a dear friend, a tasty Strawberry Tart of a woman, that both the Dragon and I would gladly bed < if that sounds sexist I am not apologizing > if given the opportunity. Well Ms. Strawberry Tart had been feeling out of sorts lately and had struck up conversations with both of us at separate times just to get advice and talk. Usually when this happens the conversations are only about BDSM, this one though was more about sex itself and enjoying oneself, with a bit of the lifestyle thrown in for good measure. Of course being that all three of us are really sexually charged people inevitably the talk would turn to sex, then kinky sex then what we would do to the the Tart were we to get our cuffs on her. It was bandied about to have a three some which would be great fun indeed. The Dragon and I enjoyed the bantering but really never thought anything would come of it.
Then one day I come home from seeing to the future of the Phishboy otherwise known as guppy… when I walked in The Dragon was on his puter looking quite pleased… I questioned him as to what could cause such a grin. He just giggled and asked Me if I had a sweet tooth, That Ms. Strawberry Tart had decided she was too stressed and needed some well deserved tension relief. That she had made the decision to act upon all our on line flirting and come over and take us up on our offer. I must admit I thought he was pulling My leg until I heard a knock on My door and it opened to admit Ms Tart herself. Needless to say hugs were exchanged, and then clothes started coming off, we made it to the bedroom in record time and had all three stripped down to skin. Ms Tarts skin glowed in the light, she had a look of contentment and peace on her face. She knew we would look out for her and totally take care of her, It seemed No words were needed The Dragon and I were both exploring her flesh with our hands; tweaking nipples, tickling lightly across the stomach as fingers found their way to between her legs and the moisture that was already there. Her breast were heavy in My hands as I massaged them bending forward to lightly tease her nipples with My mouth, my tongue, My teeth. Her legs spread The Dragon was tasting deeply, his head resting against her lower belly as his tongue sought out her most sensitive spots. I enjoyed watching her writhe under our touch, but after a bit The Dragon and I switched places, and moved her around some to accommodate what we had in mind. I knelt between her legs tasting her sweetness and loving the moans she was making as I burrowed farther in. She shook and shivered as we relentlessly kept going.
I looked up at one point from My place between her legs to see the Dragons cock in her sweet mouth she was obviously doing a stellar job, for the look on the Dragons face was utter bliss. The way she was laid put her ass high into the air, I decided at that point it was time to see how well she could do with His cock while I caused her some delightfully wicked pain. Of course I didn’t want her to think I was completely insensitive so I made sure to lube up one of my fatter toys and slowly slide it into her very moist pussy. Moans came from around the Dragons cock, and her body seemed to tense up then completely relax.
I used floggers both heavy and light while she writhed in front of Me, the Dragon enjoying immensely her focus on Him . I though seemed to be doing quite a good job alternating between floggings and fucking her with the toy, if the sounds coming from her were any indication. I will admit that at this point it seems to all blend together into flesh, heat, wetness, pain and pleasure.
The Dragon and I made sure that Ms Tart came and came very hard. According to her it was very intense and even brought tears to her eyes. It was very nice all three of us on the bed. Her soft body laying before just aching for the touch of the crop, the floggers, My teeth. MMMMMM it was fabulous.
I do remember finally laying down Myself, to feel her suck bite and nibble at My nipples, one is still slightly tender today. The best for Me though was feeling her move down to My pussy and start licking and sucking. It was so overwhelmingly good I almost missed the Dragon moving into place behind her as He entered her and started a nice steady pace. I could feel the pace as her tongue changed rhythm on My clit, to match him pounding in her already sore pussy. It seemed like no time really passed before I felt quite an amazing orgasm coming, the Tart kept up with her ministrations until I was literally hovering off the bed. At least four orgasms passed through Me before I felt her let go. I laid there and just could not stop shaking, when I could finally focus and see again I looked over to see the Tart doing her damnedest to swallow all of the Dragon. I curled up next to the Dragon and drifted on wonderfully wet and wickedly tingly after tremors while watching My lover receive absolutely wonderful care. Watching Ms. Tart suck and lick, I made the observation that she was going on his short list of really good cock suckers. I knew I was correct when the Dragon finally came, He came very hard and from the look on his face I knew it was a very powerful orgasm. Other then when I am taking care of him, I have only seen two other slaves cause him to look that way. We all three laid on the bed cuddling, talking and just trying to come down from a very very intense powerful 3 hours. Today I messaged Ms Tart to see how she felt and was told while sore she had a GREAT TIME as was looking forward to more. It was with a big grin on My face that I responded to her The Dragon and I would be waiting most impatiently …

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