was reading My list of favorite blogs today when I came across a guest post at PantiesPantiesPanties I love reading Hiromi and Brett’s different experience’s and candid thoughts about their sexual explorations. I always read with great interest every time they post something on anal sex, My Partner loves anal but I have serious issues with it, so it has actually helped Me reading Hiromi’s thoughts on the subject and the ways in which they experiment.
I also love the photos as well, and keep thinking I am going to take a photo to contribute to the guest panties collection.
Today though, I found the Guest Poster Nadia of Kinky Librarian fame was talking about a subject that gives Me pause. The concept of Banned Books is one that I have such a hard time wrapping My head around. I can’t get it, I have never gotten it and actually left many a youthful gathering at my church growing up when the subject was mentioned.
To ban a book or even worse to burn it is such a horrific act in My mind. I remember the first and only time A book was ever taken away from me as a child. I was in the 6th grade and reading ” The World According to Garp” My Mother demanded the book be removed from the house. Which it was to My best friends house whose mom let Me read when I would stay over there.
That incident brought about one of the most clarifying moments in My young life, My mom was furious at My reading the book due to the premature ejaculation scene in the opening chapter. Well she was even more upset when I explained to her, just how much reading I had been doing in My life thus far. I say all this with the knowledge that I was never censored on what I read until this point. The reason being she never paid attention to me, I was the good kid, my older brother the troublemaker. So it was easy to ignore me and what I was doing. By this time for the record I understood what had happened in the book and told her so. I knew what it meant to prematurely ejaculate. Hell by this time I have read all the Ian Fleming Novels, A good portion of Edgar Rice Burroughs, All of her Judith Krantz, Shakespeare, as well as all the Playboys and Penthouses I had found in the upstairs storage closet across from My bedroom. They never knew they never checked, they were just happy I was reading and staying out of trouble. For that matter having a TV with cable in My bedroom for late night viewings of Skinamax, No CLUE ! ! !
So all of this comes out over the fight about “the world according to Garp”
I told her she was being Old Fashioned and that is when she uttered the words that I think really somewhat destroyed what was left of My belief that My parents knew everything and were the smartest people in the world.

She screamed at Me “I gave you your mind at too young an age! ! !”

Well that hurt to say the least, and kept Me from every really talking to My mom about anything more in depth then the sermon in church last Sunday.
I know that My mother remembers saying that and remembers that fight. She says that is when she truly lost Me, and I became the black sheep of My family that I am today.
Ironically I say that is when I found myself and the strength within to be who and what I am.
so here’s To My Mom for giving Me My Mind at too young an age ! ! !

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