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I am still moving but I did want to comment on this …
Why is it that while I am moving My phone is ringing off the hook for phone sessions and everyone who wants an in person session wants to schedule right in the middle of My move …. Not a week ago when I [...]

I have been so busy this last week, real time and phone sessions both filling up My date book, more than normal it seem and I have a feeling its a karmic joke on Me since I am in the midst of moving. I hate moving. I hate Packing stuff up, lugging boxes and the [...]

I was reading up on My favorite blogs, when I came across the following entry at the Church of Steelle. He’s discussing some of the latest literary efforts coming out that blame Porn for every ill in the world. I am amazed that we have yet to hear how porn is being linked to the [...]

I Preface this entire entry with the fact that I love the fall, October in particular. The changing times are always My favorite. If I had to order them in a specific favored to least favored way…it would be Fall, Spring, Winter then Summer. When it starts getting crisp outside, the trees slowly color to [...]

Two very different posts from two separate blogs have stuck in My head since first reading them. The first is from Twisted Monk about his experiences at this years Folsom street fair. Reading about his experiences and how he helped someone realize a life long dream, well it was an amazingly touching bit of [...]

I absolutely love a good story, scary, funny, heart pounding adventure,
science fiction, fantasy, love stories when done well, and some truly cheesy bad stories, good in a bad way stories, but just that stories. My list of movie favorites alone is completely all over the place. Everything from Fight Club, Blue Velvet, and Four [...]

I have never wanted children, I dont want the anguish, the pain, the frustration, the college bills, etc. I love all the kids My friends and phamily have, just don’t really want any personally. I have always worried that perhaps I would not be the best mother, that certain things from My past would come [...]

I am a Phone sex Operator, I use My phone (and my voice, active imagination and sick little fantasies) to get Men off but wegglywoo has brought a whole new meaning to the term Phone sex.

I…messaged back that indeed i did have condoms. i also asked why he wanted to know
put your phone inside the [...]