I have been so busy this last week, real time and phone sessions both filling up My date book, more than normal it seem and I have a feeling its a karmic joke on Me since I am in the midst of moving. I hate moving. I hate Packing stuff up, lugging boxes and the like. It makes the animals crazy and Me crazier. GAH ! ! ! !
There have been bright spots, My phone sessions this week, as well as the in person sessions I have had scheduled. Delightfully wicked fun was had by both My gentleman and Myself. I also found it a good way to break up the stress and hell of packing…
The most truly interesting spot in all this Chaos, was the interview I did this week for a Pod cast on ClosetDeadhead. The host Sam and I covered everything from My love of the Grateful Dead to My love of leather, control and all the fun that is BDSM.
It was initially only going to be a short conversation roughly 15 minutes or so, but we enjoyed ourselves so much Sam informed Me that he broke it into two parts. To hear our Conversations point your browsers to the link above. The first half of the interview will be played on Halloween and then throughout the week. The second half will be played on November 4th.
Give it a listen and enjoy.
I should be spending this weekend finishing up the packing and starting to take them to the new house. But this Saturday I have the Carnal ball a local Fetish event at the Rockwell. My brother, Trickster is going to be slinging rope at, tying up anyone willing to submit to his knotty self. Back to moving …then My favorite National holiday HALLOWEEN which I shall spend recovering from the move followed quickly by My Favorite personal holiday My birthday ! ! ! !
I will post more when I can come up for Air …So hang tight kiddies for I shall return …

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