I got nothing

I got nothing … I have been so overwhelmed lately I feel that I have no energy left to contemplate what I would want to post. So consider this sorta bringing everyone up to speed on the madness that is Mims daily life.

IF you are coming in late to the game, the pod cast I did recently went wonderfully. The host Sam Whitmore and I had a wonderful time talking about The Boys
For those who missed it head on over to Closet Deadhead and check out podcast #70 and #71… thanks so much Sam.
The animals are settling in to their new digs, work is good and everyone seems to be finding their place here in the new house.
I know the Goddess has asked for Me to explain the disastrous bunny incident of 2003 and I will in time.
By the way Goddess thanks for remembering My birthday… loved the balloons emoticons. I’m still trying to find those missing 10 years. My birthday wishes came true for the most part…
I wanted for nothing more then to be in the new house, which we are. To have Trickster cook for me, which he did., and to watch Dr. Who with Pirate Brent and the beautiful Breanna. That is taking place this coming Sunday evening.
I am still waiting for the billion dollars and My own island, so anyone out there want to fulfill my birthday wishes go right ahead …. but other then those two small details it was all in all a great Birthday ! ! ! ! ! !
I will say that I do have something to post about, a gentlemen I talk with whose voice has been known to send me reeling after a call. I just am having problems sitting down and actually writing out the post, I hope I can find My muse again by this weekend and I will post about the man with the velvet voice as well as about the bunny exodus for the Goddess

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