You know when you are taking those questionaires online and one of the questions they ask is about what turns you on in the opposite sex? My #1 answer is never there. Yes I like eyes, and the shape of a mans mouth, nice strong hands, good hair … these are all things I like but when it comes right down to it My biggest turn on is a mans voice.
I know I love certain qualities of a male voice. Deep and dark, rumbling up through their throats it really get To Me. A voice of velvet and smoke, reverberating through My ears and brain all the way down to My soul.
One of My regular callers loves to read Me his poetry. The nice part is it is actually well written poetry. His imagery is amazing, the use of words and ideas that he strings together, but for Me the best part is his voice. This guy has that voice ….
When he reads his own words ( and yes it is quite erotic poetry ) I must admit I come away from those calls quite unsettled. I have his voice come back in My dreams and whisper through the images that My subconcious chooses to fill My brain with.
I mentioned to him the last time we talked that he had a voice made for sex. He appreciated the compliment then returned it telling Me I had the kind of voice he would want to wake up to in the morning.
For this particular caller, whenever I call him by a certain pet name his voice deepens and retains an almost drugged quality. I think this is probably my favorite part of being Phone Sex Operator, listening to the voices and the changes that take place when the caller is starting to cum, or when I have hit a special nerve.

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