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•StoryTime: blue oriental flowers [...]

I have always been intrigued by the idea of Cross Dressing but not only in the typical male to female. I have been having this growing fantasy

( key word Fantasy… since I know by mere body shape alone I probably couldn’t pull it off ) of dressing the part of the male, complete with [...]

When going over comments last night, one FreakyT gave me a way to find as many of my old posts as possible.

Google Cache!

I’ll be damned if it didn’t work, I have found most of them and will be putting them back up on My site.


all I can say is this was a learning experience [...]

For everyone who reads My blog, you know that over the Christmas weekend My blog was removed and I lost everything, this was done by the individuals hosting My sites. These individuals at one point were people I called friend and Phamily but no more. If anyone is curious as to the true [...]

Merry Fuckin Christmas

Well what a surprise I had, to find that My blog and all my other sites were gone.

They were being hosted by a couple I knew, kids I thought were a bit more adult and above the board then they proved themselves to be.

I recieved No warning, No notice that this was going to [...]

I spend a bit of time on the phone every day conversing with clients. I had to share some of the more choice things I have been told this past week.

caller one: ” so when I come to see you Mistress can you dress me up in womens clothing ? ”

Me: ” of course [...]

Brother Mine…

On December 9th 2003 I lost one of My champions, a brother of My soul and one of the few people who could provoke Me to random acts of violence and senseless anger usually directed at his smiling visage. My brother Jon (Dzan E’light) Wesley Prier had a heart attack and died … He will [...]

After writing about My daddy fetish I was asked to describe a perfect daddy/ Little Girl scene. It would start with My relaying to the male in question he is to wear a suit complete with tie and jacket undershirt and tighty whities. Also he is to purchase Me a gift from a store of [...]

I have always known I was adopted, and since My adopted father abandoned Me at a early age, I spent copious amounts of time on the mystery man himself, My birth father. The father figure has always intrigued Me. I would constantly look men over to see if they fit what I had imagined of [...]