my heart belongs to daddy

I have always known I was adopted, and since My adopted father abandoned Me at a early age, I spent copious amounts of time on the mystery man himself, My birth father. The father figure has always intrigued Me. I would constantly look men over to see if they fit what I had imagined of My birth father. Of course the only men that ever measured up were in the movies.

But it was a strong desire to have a male an older male in My life, the ones My mom kept choosing were absolute hell for Me. So I gravitated to other men, family friends etc. and looked to them for My father figure only to be soundly disappointed every time. They could not live up to the mental image I carried inside.

For instance there was always something about a man who would read instead of watching TV. This is how I would imagine My father, it came from My own insatiable taste for books. He would be sitting in his chair, reading a book one leg cocked over the other. He would see me over the top of the book and beckon Me closer. He would pull Me up onto his lap and let me snuggle against his warm and strong chest, His arms around me keeping me safe. I would feel his scratchy skin as his cheek rested against mine and his voice low and rumbling in his chest as he read to me from his novel.

I have such a daddy fetish

It was a bit lolita ish and it was definitely tinged with sexuality, to this day I like older men, men who have that father appeal. But now instead of sitting on their laps and being the good girl, I want to take them over My knee and spank them for leaving Me.
I want to punish them for not being at all the father daughter things that were held at school, through church, at the country club, I want them to promise Me that they will remember their little Girl and that she likes ice cream and daisies. To spoil Me as only a Daddy can, with trinkets, baubles and pretty things.

< ok honestly massive credit at the book store/ music store but trinkets baubles and pretty things fit the image I am creating ok…? ? ?>

I will have them beg to read to Me and do all the things a Daddy should do for his little Girl… and they will thank Me for it and come back for more fun and discipline from Daddy’s Little Girl.
Any Takers ???

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