a question of professionalism

For everyone who reads My blog, you know that over the Christmas weekend My blog was removed and I lost everything, this was done by the individuals hosting My sites. These individuals at one point were people I called friend and Phamily but no more. If anyone is curious as to the true extent of the betrayal I suggest you visit The Dragons site for a full explanation of how this all came about.

My problem is this though, they took from Me not only the sites, and the access to blogging that I had wanted to do during the holidays. But they took all My writing.
Every post that I had made from day one is gone, all of it never to be retrieved. Oh there is some that I have posted to My personal blog that only family reads, but some of My best writing is now unavailable to Me.

For all of you who find enjoyment in writing and in receiving feedback from your readers does this not smack of petty tantrums ?

Even if I had done some horrid act, which I had not, shouldn’t I be allowed access to My writing? to retrieve all my previously written posts?

That material was mine and mine alone, as indicated by the copyright at the bottom of My page. I had no contract with them, they were hosting it out of what I thought was friendship, but in the spirit of professionalism I would think it would be in their best interest to at least give Me access to My posts so I can maintain the integrity of My site.

This has not been done, emails have gone unanswered.

I feel as if I have been robbed, I want to do all I can to retaliate but I am withholding My anger.

I am curious, if you were in My position what would you do?

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2 Responses to “a question of professionalism”  

  1. 1 j

    im sorry and i would be PISSED

  2. 2 Goddess

    Welcome back, Mim!!

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