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The move is on

Once again things are going into boxes and the moving ritual has begun.
I will be back as soon as Internet access has been connected in the new house.
Hope everyone has a good weekend and next week

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censor this….

While reading through my daily blogs, I came across the one of the latest post from Church of Steele

It dealt with one of the ugliest things out there today, censorship. The mere idea that someone else can tell me what to read, listen to, view, laugh at, masturbate to, debate, watch, or even [...]

I am already inundated with homework, and we close on the house this Friday. Then it is moving moving moving… I am feeling just a wee bit overwhelmed at the moment but know that will go away as soon as the last box is emptied and all I have to worry about is school work.
Until [...]

Tomorrow I go back to school.
I have not been in a class room setting in 12 years.
I am excited and nervous all at the same time.

My last two ventures into Higher learning did not work out as I had planned.
So many other things and experiences got in the way.

Rainbow Gatherings,The Oregon Fair, The Grateful Dead, [...]

This weekend was both a happy and sad one for the Dragon and I, the happy part involved the inspection being done on the house. The inspector was happy to report that all the issues the house has is cosmetic. It is sound and sturdy, has one hell of a heater and amazingly cost [...]

The best of the blogs by the bloggers who blog them (this week starting with the letter ‘H’):

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KITKAST #1.11 – The Sex Party, Pamela Anderson and Kitkast Field Correspondents (

Phone Hoing 101: How To Get Into Phone [...]

you kneel before Me naked, eyes down, trembling… you are nervous … this is your first time submitting to someone.
You have come so far to enjoy this but even now at the very last minute, one word from you and it all stops.
You know this and have acknowledged it, but I don’t think the safe [...]

When I wrote my cross dressing fantasy, I hadn’t shared it with anyone. Recently though I had the chance to explore the fantasy farther with one of My callers. We discussed its many variables and one he hit on had me intrigued.
When dressing him to be her, I would insert a remote controlled anal plug [...]

The New House…

Well just found out the house we are to purchase may be haunted… by the long gone soldiers of the Civil War. The only reason we think it is haunted is every time a photo is taken in the house, all with separate camera’s, there are orbs throughout the pictures.

I have seen some interesting [...]

Home sweet Home

We have found the house…so this means once again I am moving…

it is permanent this time, for this is not another rental but a purchase.
This particular move will be bringing about a copious amount of changes for Me.

I feel as if I am at the cross roads…

Do I continue on the path I [...]