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January 10th, 2006

Home sweet Home

We have found the this means once again I am moving…

it is permanent this time, for this is not another rental but a purchase.
This particular move will be bringing about a copious amount of changes for Me.

I feel as if I am at the cross roads…

Do I continue on the path I currently tread or do I turn and take this new path before me,
even though it leads me to places I am unfamiliar with and slightly nervous about.

Wonder if Robert Johnson ever felt like this ?

from the mind of mim in Truth, My Life, Phamily

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One Response to “Home sweet Home”

  1. Richard says:

    Good luck with owning a house.

    After I bought mine a few years ago I had nothing but the most amazingly rotten luck. Porch started to rot, attic ladder fell out of the railings and too much more to recount.

    But earning (hopefully) a little equity beats paying rent.

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