When I wrote my cross dressing fantasy, I hadn’t shared it with anyone. Recently though I had the chance to explore the fantasy farther with one of My callers. We discussed its many variables and one he hit on had me intrigued.
When dressing him to be her, I would insert a remote controlled anal plug (without her knowing about the remote controlled part). Once she was seated at the table and had accepted the first drink, I make it buzz…

AH HA she is busted.

She squirms nervously and looks around expecting to see My red hair somewhere in the corners of the restaurant, sadistic look in My eye.

She sees nothing so she looks back down, her cell rings and when she answers all she hears is my softly saying,

” drink it slut, you will be punished so you might as well enjoy the fruits of your transgression while you can!”
before she can respond I hang up.

She immediately starts drinking the tasty beverage before her. I let her enjoy a healthy amount then buzz her again, I do this rather randomly until she is red from arousal. Then I approach and sit down in front of her, the combination of My voice, her realizations and the vibrating in her ass are almost too much and she looks scared at her inevitable punishment.

The other change was actually using My dress belt to spank her when back at the house. Pulling it from the belt loops as I chastised her. she is there before me kneeling, crying and apologizing for disobeying, make up smeared and wig askew. I wrap the end of the belt around my fist and pull her over my lap to administer the harsh punishment.

From there I would have her service My rather large strap on, then my pussy, and My ass, while I played with the controls to the butt plug still firmly in her now on fire ass.

The caller and I both agreed that I should be smoking a cigar and using her as my ashtray as well for the scenario to be complete. Too bad I don’t smoke… Sphere: Related Content

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  1. 1 Darling Nikki

    Men get to have all the fun.

    I wanna play

  2. 2 mim

    oh My dear be careful what you ask for … my next post is for you

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