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January 12th, 2006

The New House…

Well just found out the house we are to purchase may be haunted… by the long gone soldiers of the Civil War. The only reason we think it is haunted is every time a photo is taken in the house, all with separate camera’s, there are orbs throughout the pictures.

I have seen some interesting things in My time up to and including the local legend of this area the spook light

So I’m none to worried, but find it odd.

I just hope I do not meet General Nathaniel Lyon, while on My way to the bathroom one night.

The house itself is in a subdivision in the extreme southwest corner of town. Roughly a mile or so from Wilsons Creek National battlefield. The battlefield is comprised currently of 1,750 acres. But in its time the battle itself spanned over that and was probably fought on the very same land where the house now stands.

The Realtor is willing to open the house, before we close. If we decide we want to bring in any sort of paranormal experts.

But I don’t think at this time we need to do that.

I will let you know though , if one morning I find Myself having coffee with soldiers, Union or Confederate.

from the mind of mim in Truth, My Life, Phamily

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One Response to “The New House…”

  1. Lordstar says:

    It is OK Love.. I have yet to have a bad experience in any haunted house I have lived in (Knock Loudly on wood). And I have lived in one of the most haunted countries in the world, ( The British Isle’s… Well mostly in Wales… Both of the Pubs I grew up in were haunted. All sorts of things would happen there. Glasses would move, bottles would float from one table to another when you weren’t looking. And noises to beat the band. Used to piss my Grandmother off something fierce. On almost any Saturday night the pub would erupt into song and somewhere in the background you could always hear the faint sounds of bagpipes playing. And the bitch is.. Most of the time it was playing along with what ever song happened to be sung … But as I said.. Don’t worry. I don’t think we are in harm’s way. I have not felt anything bad when we were in the house. And I have yet to hear “Get Out” while talking to the Realtor.. LOL

    The Old Red Dragon

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