you kneel before Me naked, eyes down, trembling… you are nervous … this is your first time submitting to someone.
You have come so far to enjoy this but even now at the very last minute, one word from you and it all stops.
You know this and have acknowledged it, but I don’t think the safe word will ever leave your lips.

I reach to the table beside Me and take down the thick leather collar, your eyes follow the movements of My hands from the periphery, and they widen as you realize that I am placing the collar around your neck. Once it has been buckled snugly, I push your head down again. you feel the tight leather against your throat and you instinctively swallow making sure the collar is not too tight. I can see out of the corners of My eyes the nervous dance of fingertips on thighs, you want to run your hands over the leather, feel the smoothness and the tightness as it encircles your neck.

You want to look up and look into My eyes but you know I forbid it. You feel the heat of Me as I move to stand behind you, I can sense your impatience for My touch, your body seems to lean into Me and your skin gives off an ache for My hand.

I brush My fingers lightly across your shoulders, watching your skin flush at My touch. I crouch behind you and run My hands down your chest, taking each breast in hand. Your nipples are erect, from the cool air or My proximity I am not sure. When I grab each nipple and twist it, I know that the moan you let spill from your lips is for Me and Me alone. I lean in and whisper into your ear,

” these are mine now aren’t they slave?”

A barely imperceptible nod is the answer you give. I sigh and let your breasts drop, My hands in your hair, I pull your head back. You blink and cant help but stare into My eyes.

” when I speak to you slave I expect you to answer me verbally, is that understood? “ I growl….

” yes M-Mistress.” you are whispering words tumbling out so quickly you stutter and stammer.

Now that that is understood I go back to My visual inspection of your body. I am pleased and let you know of such.

I order you to stand, eyes still lowered. When you stand I take first one wrist then the other and enclose them in fur lined cuffs.
I watch as you tense your wrist muscles, trying to so hard to test just how tightly I have cuffed you.
I laugh as I tell you that you will not be breaking free so don’t even try.

Another delightful flush colors your flesh deepening the chocolate hue until I am reminded of cherries in chocolate. the red juice spilling out as teeth break through the outer coating.

” was the trip here nerve wracking for you? “ I inquire softly, looking into your eyes wide with fear, nervousness, and anticipation. You look down immediately upset at being caught stealing glances at me. ” yes” is softly whispered, so softly I lean in to make sure I heard you correctly.

” well I should be the good hostess then and do what I can to overcome such worry.” and with that I lead you over to the bondage table, where you see all manner of decadent implements laid out.
you take in the paddles, the crops, canes, floggers and whips. You see a hood, a mask and a dental gag, perfect for holding your lovely mouth open wide.
I see your eyes widen and your breathing quicken as you look at the dildo’s and anal plugs laid out in a row. Even a strap on harness ready to be used.

” well My sweet, what shall it be first? What has always intrigued you most?”
Is it being flogged, paddled, whipped and caned, until your knees are weak and your skin on fire? ”

While I am talking I stand very close behind you, my breath warm on your neck I reach both hands around your lovely waist and let My fingers explore your moist silky nether regions. I find you wet, dripping in fact, it runs down your thighs and perfumes the air with its sweetly musky scent.

I slowly start teasing your clit as I bite hard into your neck. You moan and arch your body then press back against Me begging me silently for all of it …

I can feel the words as they formulate in your brain, yet you too afraid to speak them… you want it all.

you want to be taken down all the way, used in every conceivable manner.

you want to feel me spreading your ass wide and sliding in the lubed up anal plug, while also readying the strap on and burying it deep in your pussy.

you want to know the kiss of the flogger tails, the sting of the crop and the lovely welts of the cane.

you came all this way to submit and you want it all…. Don’t you?

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14 Responses to “Simply Beautiful”  

  1. 1 Tabitha Sinn

    That was truly beautiful. You have quite a gift. That little story gave me goose bumps. It really took me in.

    You have a beautiful way with words. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. 2 mim

    Thank you, I am glad you liked it..

  3. 3 Holiday

    I am so there … so very there.

  4. 4 mim

    Somehow I knew that this would be something that would garner your attention… I am glad you enjoyed it. There will be more to come, and one will be specifically for you.

  5. 5 Darling Nikki

    yes…i want it all

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