This weekend was both a happy and sad one for the Dragon and I, the happy part involved the inspection being done on the house. The inspector was happy to report that all the issues the house has is cosmetic. It is sound and sturdy, has one hell of a heater and amazingly cost efficient for being 2 & 1/2 stories etc. He also told us the two unfinished rooms were able to be finished and used for their intended purpose, Game room ( video games) and a shop for Scarlett to do her work with jewelry.

On that note, I guess I should explain that the Dragon and I are moving in with Scarlett, and her son. Her fiance` ( the Dragons nephew ) is also moving in.

The initial reason for the move was because Scarlett had become widowed last year. She has a young son and would need the help. Her husband was a good friend of mine and Dragon and I promised him we would look after her and the boy. The nephew returning to this area and sweeping her off her feet was unexpected but very nice none the less. She deserves to be happy ! ! ! So we are now just waiting for the closing, which will be on the 27th. Then we start to move again… I hate moving ! ! ! I know I have mentioned that before.

This time though the move will be with one less of our kids, We found a better and more permanent home for Goliath, the Burmese Python we had.
We just felt that we were not able to give G the care he needed. So I found an organization that helps place the larger snakes and was finally able to get him a GOOD HOME ! ! !

They came and got him on Saturday, to read more on his move and for some interesting rants. Check out the Dragons blog...

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