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The best of the blogs by the bloggers who blog them (this week starting with the letter ‘R’):

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Reminder of Summer (

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The Peach [...]

For the most part, every post that I had lost when My site was taken down so maliciously is back up and in its proper spot.

That is all but the past sugasms… re doing all the links etc will take a bit of time and that is what I have to tackle tomorrow.

Between looking at [...]

He tells Me that he loves the smoky quality of My voice when he listens to me talk. It turns him on to hear the raspiness in My voice as I weave the fantasy, pulling him in deeper and deeper, My voice engrained in his brain. He sees a woman smoking now and [...]

In making out My post of things I wish to accomplish in 2006 I forgot one big thing … ROPE BONDAGE

I have never really been into the bondage side of BDSM. Just restrain them and let Me have at it… but lately I have been struck by the beauty that rope bondage can contain. I [...]

A few things that I have decided I want to accomplish for the year 2006

For Me Professionally and in the lifestyle sense:

I want to work more on My use of a single tail with an individual.

I want to get better with a scalpel in blood play ( no I haven’t cut anything [...]

and with that previous post I feel comfortable letting a bit of My geeky fan girl show

While I have been absolutely blown over by the brilliant Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor…

“I’m the Doctor this is Rose Tyler. She’s My plus one. That all right?”

I am so looking forward to The 10th Doctor played [...]

Im a geek fangirl

In talking with a client this evening he inquired as to My likes and dislikes, I mentioned a fondness for all things sci fi and he asked for names… I gave the usual Robert Heinlein, Orson Scott Card, Issac Asimov, H.G. Wells, etc. I then mentioned a fondness for certain Sci Fi Tv shows other [...]