Missing in action …

I know I have been M.I.A. from here, I am just having a hard time thinking about what to write.

Do I continue on the same path, talking about all the perverse fun I am a party to… or do I talk about school and the fears I am feeling. I haven’t been in a class room in over 15 years, yet here I am going back and wondering if this is the right thing to do.

I want to end up with a degree in Psychology, I want to help people who are living what we call “alternative lifestyles” let them know there is someone in this area who will listen and not pre judge them based on religious beliefs. I feel like this area could benefit from someone who is truly open minded. But that is a long term goal and one that will take a number of years to achieve.

There are so many things are going on right now and school is kicking my ass. I am trying to figure out how everything is going to fit now and what is going on the back burner. I can say, more than likely my pro sessions are going to be on hold for a while longer. I don’t currently have access to a dungeon that is available on my schedule. I have even talked with the Dragon about putting all of the BDSM activities on hold until I am through these next couple of semesters. I would still work as a PSO but I honestly don’t have time for anything else. SO I am feeling amazingly overwhelmed… and this blog has suffered because of it. But I promise to try and do better, to try and at least update on an every other day basis. I guess we shall see how that goes. Sphere: Related Content

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  1. 1 Zeppellina

    A Degree in Psychology is an important prize worth all the hard work that you are having to do to gain it. The important thing is to give yourself enough personal space so that you don`t burn yourself out in the process.
    The degree is your hearts ambition, and you must get it, and I just know you will!
    Don`t try to do everything though, everyone will still keep dropping in to your site to visit you, and to see how you are doing.
    But grab your dream first!
    Blog whenever you can, but don`t push yourself too
    hard to do it. Your life dreams are the most important thing.
    Hey..and once you are a Psychologist, you can really help us all with our problems

  2. 2 mim

    Thank you do much Zeppelina …I appreciate the support. It has been a long road for me to get to the point of going back and I am focusing all of my attention and energy on doing just as you suggest … grabbing my dream And you are right once I am a Psychologist then I will be able to help you all …

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