I am supposed to be doing homework, but I can not get a call I had yesterday out of my mind. The gentleman was calling in regards to extreme Cock and ball torture. Cutting, burning etc. All of these things I am familiar with, I have done quite a bit of research and seen a lot of the photos over at BME, I have even witnessed some interesting variations on it up close and personal. The call itself was pretty interesting and I enjoyed talking to someone who likes pain. But what really got me was at the end of the call, the gentlemen asked me if he could tell me something very personal. Now since we had just discussed all manner of torture to his cock and balls I didn’t see where there could be anything more personal then that. But I told him that was fine and to go ahead and tell me what he needed to.
He got choked up, I could hear tears in his voice,

” Mistress normally when I call these services, either the girl is disgusted and won’t talk about it or lies says she knows about it and then while talking says something that lets me know she doesn’t and is only talking to me for the money. You though I can tell you know and more importantly I can tell I don’t disgust you. Thank you Mistress for making me feel briefly like I am normal. ”

Well that made me feel good to know that through the 2 hours we talked I came across as sincere and truly interested as well. This folks if why I do this, and why I am going back to school to get my degree in Psychology. Because all to often people look at what they don’t understand and they judge it as bad, immoral or wrong. All anyone ever seems to want to know is that they are ok. No matter what their particular kink is, they are ok.

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