So when you finally decide to focus on making your life better it seems that everyone gets angry.
I give up, since starting down the path to finally putting me first in my life, I have lost many people I thought were my friends. People who seem happiest when they can meddle and stir up trouble. Well I am done, I guess the life of a hermit isnt all that bad… don’t keep getting hurt by the ones around that you once called friend, who now stab you in the back the minute you do things contrary to their wants.
I don’t know what to do think or even feel anymore.
Am I the worthless person these people seem to see, am I that bad?
I didn’t think so. In fact I had felt that in the past 6 years I have become a much stronger and better person, but … perhaps I am the only one to see it and for everyone else involved I am just a heartless bitch.

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