Blasted numbers hell

I hate math …
and I still have 2 more math classes to take to prepare me for college algebra. 2 more classes to prepare me for the one that everyone says is going to make my brain melt.
Like its not melting right now as it is? ? ?
Why the HELL is this ? ? ?
Why must I take flipping algebra to be a good therapist? ? ?

Is my ability to reason and work with people going to be based on my ability to solve for X? ?
I damn well dont think so! ! I am thinking of finding someone among my friends who would be willing to tutor me in this most evil of subjects.
Any takers ? ? ?

This is worse torture then watching reality tv sober.

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  1. 1 Tess

    I’m good at algebra, Mim. I like math for the black and whiteness it provides in contrast to everything else in my life that I see in shades of grey. I may be bit far away to be a good tutor, but feel free to ask and I’ll do my best.

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