wanting some input…

So in my english class we are working on a group project, I just happen to be in the group looking at the erosion to our personal freedoms in this country. We are focusing on a variety of fronts. The move by this government to make sex even more repressive then it is, all under the guise of protecting the children. The push it seems to take rights away from women and silence our ability to choose. The patriot act and its destructive wake through our civil liberties. The spying without warrents being done etc.

I am currently doing research on this and am curious if anyone out there on the web, has an links relating to these types of activities. Everything from the TSA and its horrid lists, to random demands for papers. Peoples views on the new FBI porn task force, the 2257 laws etc.
I am curious to hear how you all view these erosions and if you feel that we are being apathetic and allowing our government to just roll over us on its trek to global domination and destruction.

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  1. 1 wendy

    Good topic, how about discussing how HIV/AID’s prevention organizations no longer recieve funding for condoms due to Bush’s ‘abstinance’ (ie too cheap to pay for condoms cause he spent the budget on war), program. He also stopped funding in other countries if they didn’t denounce prostition, Brazil refused.

  2. 2 mim

    Thanks for the input, That is actually already on our agenda under the personal freedoms part and the sub category of theocracy. In our research we have found that looking at the push to theocracy has to be talked about as well, that has really hampered our civil liberties in a big way. For if you are not christian then you are against them… BULLSHIT!

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