This whole week has been midterms, so I have been studying studying studying .

I have surprised myself by getting a 79% on my last math test.
This is the test that had me in tears by the end of it. The test that I was sure I had failed.

I think my professor was a bit worried about me, because when she handed my test back, she was very upbeat in a mom like kinda way ” see isn’t that better??? I told you you would do well. ” with all the accompanying cooing and conciliatory noises.

I personally was Gob smacked, the girl who sits next to me in class, laughed at me she said the look on my face was one of complete disbelief.

To be truthful, I don’t know how the hell I did it, the whole time I was taking the test I kept thinking ” I don’t remember any of this shite!”

So this far into the semester I am averaging all A’s WHOOT! ! ! !

I am pretty stoked by this and happy that all my hard work is paying off.

My next big project is the personal freedoms group paper for my English class. We met on Weds. as the group and after class the professor told me that our group seems to be the only one that:

A) is taking the assignment seriously and

B) is actually putting some really good effort into it!

That made me ( us ) feel really good.

Next week is spring break, so fun frivolity and drunken debauchery will abound, well for everyone else.

I more then likely will spend my time reading, hanging out with friends like Promootheus, who is moving soon to that Den of Iniquity Los Angeles, and Psylosyren who I am still scheduled to have a “who is the biggest heartless bitch” contest with.

This is also the last week that I will be getting up at the unbelievable hour of 6 a.m. When applying for vanilla jobs it is probably a good idea to make sure that the training class alone will not be the death of you.

I am not a morning person and for these past two weeks I have been getting up at that unholy hour, so I could drink coffee, shower, wake up and then drive clear across town to sit in a training class for my new part time vanilla job.

Taking catalog orders for a rather large outdoor hunting, fishing type that got it start right here in the Ozarks. I am inevitably going to learn more than I have ever wanted, about fishing lures, rods, hunting equipment and especially hunters camo.

But the benefit is the discount I will be getting on items in the store,

Almost half off! ! ! !

I think it is time for the Dragon and I to get new hiking boots, wading sandals, tents, sleeping bags, cook stoves etc.

So there is a bit of a pay off for me.

When I was hired they made me take a phone test to see how nice of a phone voice I have … LOL. After listening to me, the HR person came back around and joked with me that some of the men calling in, may like my voice too much! ! ! !

( I would have some great laughing emoticons if I knew how to put them here .. so we will just have to settle with a few LOL LOL LOL ! ! ! )

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