The Doctor is IN

The New Earth

I love the Dragon, For Zombie Jesus Day he found the newest episode of Doctor Who. I am not referring to the ones showing on Sci Fi that are with the Eighth doctor but the new series that just started in Britian with the ninth doctor. The episode was called New Earth and it was fabulous.

All sorts of wonderful special effects a great story line and even a kiss…..

I must admit I think David Tennant was the perfect choice after the very dark brooding Christopher Eccleston.


 hmmmmmm so much better then scurrying after some mythical bunny hiding eggs and talking about how a zombie rose from his grave and is now a basis for religious beliefs the world over.

Speaking of the easter bunny he is being sued by a man from Germany because the chocolate made him fat…Best line from the whole article is when he said

“The Easter Bunny is a sadistic and unscrupulous offender who preys on people’s sweet tooth.

Find this evil bunny, handcuff his paws and remove him from shops in time for Easter.”



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