It’s the last week of school, next week finals and then my first semester back in over 10 years will be over. Wow…My head hurts. I have been through a lot this semester with moving, figuring out the four of cannot live together, and now looking to move again.

In the middle of all that studying, studying studying… looking for a job that would work around my school schedule, and failing miserably.

It’s has been overwhelmingly stressful.

But I have learned some things,

math is not as hard for me now.

I am the worst person to try and live with.

I am not good roommate material. I am ok friend material but not roommate material.

I hate research papers and the little niggly things you have to remember when writing them.

I didn’t realize the whole hot flash thing wasnt something that would make a sudden appearance get me all hot and cranky then leave, but rather it was something that would overtake me gradually while I was doing something else and before I knew I was dripping sweat and it was too hot to breathe. I would definitely know it was a hot flash when everyone else in the room was in 3 layers of clothing and I was ready to strip to my skin. EEEEEKKKK

I am going to have to work full time while going to school, I am scared and nervous but know that I will succeed I just need to stay disciplined.

I hate colds, especially the one I have now that makes my gums hurt… sigh.

I’ll be glad when it is say July first.

We will be in our new place

I will have been at work long enough for my insurance to kick in and I can talk to a doctor about all the menopausal shite I am going through.

I will be getting into a routine of work again

and getting a decent paycheck to boot.

I will have my grades for the semester.

hmmmm doesn’t seem like much does it, but to me right now it seems like a paradise.

The idea of me and roomamates works in theory but not in real life, I must be the one making the decisions for what I can and can’t do in the house I live in.

I really think The Dragon and I have realized that barring finding the perfect submissive(s) we can’t live with other people.

We are just too different. We live in our own little world and really don’t know how to interact with others on that day to day basis unless we are the ones calling all the shots.

SO lesson learned there

Now what else must I muck about in and learn from before this turn on the wheel has finally come to an end.


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  1. 1 The Dragon

    Fear not my Sweet. You are not that difficult to live with. I am not going anywhere. But you are right. We march to a much different tune than most. And I agree sometimes it is hard for those around us to understand. But such is life. We now have a place where you have always wanted to live and it is peacefull and tranquil and green all around us… Remember .. Fairies live there… Just a few more weeks my love and it will all be over and we will be on our own again. Our kids will be free to roam and live again and not be confined to one room. And we have fruit growing in our back yard. Pears, Peaches and Cherries… Remember .. The Best is Yet to Come….

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