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Road Trips…

    When I was a child, I loved the road trips I used to take with my family every summer. I can remember going out to California with my Grandma and Granpa in their big ole Winnebago motor home.

Traveling from the hills of the Ozarks to the shores of the ocean under my Granpas steady [...]

It’s a wonder that I still write here. I am immersed in the inane boredom of everyday existence unable to break free at this time. It eats away at me, reminding me of all I am missing. It tells on my soul in long painful stories. But I do see a break in the days coming, [...]

Life is so frelling weird sometimes

Things happen that you least expect

but you realize in the end it was what was destined all along.

The Goddess she is fickle and has a wicked sense of humour

All is well and the best part is we are not moving

Things happened that needed to happen, people left who needed to [...]