Road Trips…

    When I was a child, I loved the road trips I used to take with my family every summer. I can remember going out to California with my Grandma and Granpa in their big ole Winnebago motor home.

Traveling from the hills of the Ozarks to the shores of the ocean under my Granpas steady hand. His music always playing, a stack of 8-tracks next to him for a constant rotation throughout his driving.

   We would drive straight through stopping to sleep in the wee hours of the morning in the desert outside some small New Mexico town. My Granpa would make eggs, biscuits and gravy for a breakfast at night. Then Granma would wash up while Granpa told me stories of the animals both real and magical that populated that almost alien landscape outside the RV windows. 

He convinced me that the lizards would all grow up to be desert versions of Godzilla, ready to take Albequerque, Santa Fe, and the rest of the western states by storm. Evil creatures who would take all the young girls hostage until they were rescued by the hero of that day. Be it Superman, The Lone Ranger or even my Granpa.

That in the winter the snows that covered the high moutain passes brought out the timid Yeti monster who enjoyed stealing apples and other fruits and vegetables for their winter stew. Yeti who would share a secret with you for the price of a potato or maybe a rhutabaga. Their favorite guest for dinner were small girls they stole away from their camp if not careful.  

I remember my Granma would leave a pie tin full of dinner scraps outside the Rv door before we all tucked in for the night. When I was sent to fetch it the next morning it would always be licked clean. Coyotes, I was informed; would come down from the hills at night and take little girls who wander off into the desert. ( Notice a theme here? )

We would arrive in California and spend time at My Great aunt Belles apartment in Long Beach. I would then spend my summer on the beach under an umbrella < remember I am a redhead and do tend to burn > shopping with my Granma and fetching Great aunt Belles Camel wides from the corner market. I remember so many odd things about those trips, but most of all I remember My Granparents and all the good times we had just talking, joking, laughing, etc.

Now I drive down the road and I see an SUV with a tv/dvd screen for each passenger.

Disconnecting each of them from the other.

What the hell?

My mind boggles that this is where “convenience” technology is leading us.

Give me my road trips of old all of us in the RV driving down the road and learning how to get along and compromise.

Sharing music, thoughts and pillow space as we drove across the USA every summer in search of a nice camping spot and some good campfire stories.

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