Dog days of Summer

Every year I promise myself that the summer is not going to affect me.

Every year I am proven wrong once again.

 I believe that unlike most of the rest of the world I am not a summer person.

 I am cranky, irritable, moody, uncomfortable, and all around not fit for man nor beast to be around. ( so of course I feel for the Dragon and the Kids … )

( just for the record there are many other things out there that make me feel this way as well, but todays focus is on the heat and humidity currently making me hate everything and everyone around me)

I can remember summers in my not so distant past that never bothered me the way the last few years have.

I can remember being hot but not this overheated. I used to love being outside, even if I got a sunburn. ( which I did every summer )

The last few summers though, have been absolutely horrid.

This summer has been no different, the hotter it gets the more I retreat within. I become a recluse, a hermit. Locked away in some cool place, away from the humidity and heat. The oppresiveness of the air, making it hard to breathe, hard to smile, hard to think.

Causing my temper to flare and my patience to disappear.

I become angry and the least imagined thing causes me to be upset.  Everything around me rubs me the wrong way.

I want to live somewhere, that has a temperate climate. Not to hot not to cold. Much like baby bears porridge I want it to be just right.

I am trying to convince my Doctor that I am allergic to humidity.

She’s not buying it, I told her the heat rash was just a sign and that it was going to get worse.

 I know a good portion of this is due to global warming and it pisses me off that no one is really wanting to see that we are adversely affecting the planet. We are killing her and we refuse to see it.

Sigh… it will be fall soon won’t it? Then it will cool down the air will be breathable again and the time I spend outside will once again be enjoyable.

But how long will fall be a pleasant time.

Will it not disappear into some hideaous new season?

 Much like summer has for me.

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