words written by the Honey Bee that I do think deserve repeating….


‘Breathe, Bitch…... Breathe’

You take one look at me,

Don’t like what you see?

Take your opinion home to dinner,

Tell your whole family about me.

Tell your daughter she better never.

Tell your son to stay far away from the likes of me.

I smile.  I have comfort in who I am.

I have strength.  I am who I am.

Your husband wishes you were me.

You only judge because you

Are too afraid to ask.

I have lived more than you

Ever will in half the years.

I know more than you.

I represent your worst fears?


Breathe, Bitch…...


You cannot take one look at me,

And know that I am not worthy.

You cannot say something about me

With a level of intelligence that a

Child surpasses by age say, 3

And not expect me to remain quiet.

Do I look quiet?  Ah…..

I thought not.

I do not look innocent.

Is that your problem with me?

I am far from innocent, Lady….

And fucking glad to be!


Breathe, Bitch…..


You just hate that you wish

You were a bit more like me.

You could be.

You choose not to be.

Not my problem,

Not my fault.

Don’t hate me because you

You don’t know me.

Don’t fear me because

You don’t understand me.

Don’t condescend me because

You may never know what it is like

To be like me.


Breathe, Bitch…..


You are not me.

Why make me your source

Of judgement for the day.

You’re righteous, Bitch,

I have no use for you.


Breathe, Bitch…..


Before I turn your world upside down

And confront you with honest inquiry

Of why you are looking at me.

Look with disgust,

Look with distrust.



Breathe, Bitch…..


copyright © Honey Bee 2006

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