I am leaving in 10 minutes, to go to St. Johns Hospital to the sleep disorders clinic. There they will wire me up and spend the next 8 hours monitoring my sleeping patterns and all that to find why I can’t sleep and when I do why its so unsatisfying.

The ideas of sleep apnea, insomnia, certain surgeries, and stuff have all been discussed. Tonight will aid in deciding what I choose to do.

I watched a video of how they hook you up and when its all done I am gonna feel like some poor mad scientists experiment gone horribly awry. Wires connected everywhere… monitoring every twitch, tremor, waking sleeping, etc… all my brain waves recorded into some machine to be studied later…

I want to see the video when its done. I am curious to see what they find out…I am also curious to see just how much sleep I am going to get with this whole get up 

 it will be interesting.



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