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 looking at my calender there are only 25 more days then I am done for winter break. Of course in those next twenty five days,

I have a paper due,

an art project due and paper on said project due,

and at least three more tests

plus my finals.

My brain is melting and my fingers cramping from all [...]

A whole new Broadway

Evil Dead The Musical

From what I understand at least on Broadway, if you sit in the first three rows you can be splattered with blood.

I would love to see this I do so hope it becomes a touring show…




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Republican Clown Posse

 In my travels across this fair city I live in I sometimes see the odd and unusual.
The other day < post election thumping WHOOT! ! ! > I happened to be leaving campus of the college I attend, when I saw the following stickers all on the back window of the same Blazer type vehicle. [...]

Would it have been that hard for my mom to have picked up the phone and called to tell me happy birthday? Or any of my family for that matter. FUCK ~ ! ! !

It hurts no matter how you slice and you would think that by now at the ripe old fucking age of [...]


Today was my 37th birthday. I feel brave admitting my age, but in all honesty I am not bothered by growing older .

I had been trying to figure out what to post, how to get over my writers block. I finally decided to post 37 things: little known, interesting, or facts that I personally like about [...]