Today was my 37th birthday. I feel brave admitting my age, but in all honesty I am not bothered by growing older .

I had been trying to figure out what to post, how to get over my writers block. I finally decided to post 37 things: little known, interesting, or facts that I personally like about myself. All my other blog ideas turned out to be to boring or brought me to tears.

So here it is:

 37 things about Me

  1. I still have the Teddy Bear my Mom bought, when she found out the adoption was a go and I had been born.

  2. I have a weird unerring ability to never get lost. I also have a weird ability to always know where lost things are

  3. I am still terrified of the dark

  4. as well as spiders, clowns, Ventriloquist’s dummies, and magicians yet I love Haunted Houses

  5. I have read every book by Zane Grey and watched every John Wayne movie (because of my Granpa & I loved it)

  6. When I was born my hair was the same color as an orangatuang and stood up just like theirs does

  7. I grew up in the Ozarks and still live here. For as closeminded as it can be I love it here.

  8. I love Bluegrass, Punk, and Opera music as well as many other kinds, and could listen to them one right after another

  9. I have been told by more than one family member that I am too smart for my own good ( is that even possible? )

  10. I am so desperately in love sometimes I think it will overwhelm me

  11. I never dated before the Dragon came along …NO dates ever. Neither boy nor girl

  12. in reference to the above I was told I was too intense and that I scared away any potential dates. ( whatever )

  13. I am blessed by some amazingly wonderful and patient friends who have put up with a lot of crap from me over the years yet still seem to love me. WOW now that is friendship

  14. I love BBQ and steaks medium rare  

  15. for 5 years I was a vegetarian and the above cravings damn near killed me

  16. I am a book fiend I will not be satisfied until my home looks like a library

  17. I love animals and have currently quite the menagerie

  18. I have pierced everything you can pierce at least once sometimes twice I am also tattooed (16) and Branded (6)

  19. I believe in conspiracy theories

  20. I am an anglophile of the worst kind

  21. I am a fan of B movies and bad horror films

  22. I love the writings of the Beat poets and their generation and the plays from 5th century Greece

  23. I have seen the Grateful Dead, Phish, David Bowie, Joan Baez, Tori Amos, The Indigo Girls, TIna Turner, Cindy Lauper, Rick Springfield, Van Halen, Sting, THe B-52’s, and many many more

  24. I have been to quite a few Rainbow Gatherings and loved every minute of them (We love you family)

  25. I was a foreign exchange student in France while I was in high school. Tours France to be exact

  26. My favorite color’s Green if you know what I mean < thanks Sam>

  27. I have cried just thinking of the life Anne Frank missed out on

  28. of course I also cry at anything that is even remotely sad especially holiday commercials

  29. I sometimes wish my birth mom had chosen abortion

  30. sometimes I am glad she didn’t 

  31. I tried Suicide when I was a teenager I am glad I didn’t succeed but somedays I wish I had

  32. I want to know my heritage more than I want to know who my parents were

  33. I want her to be looking and find me rather than me find her

  34. I sometimes wish I was someone else But for the most part I am happy being me

  35. Julia Butterfly Hill is a hero of mine and a really nice person ( she sang me Happy Birthday once )

  36. I am a real redhead The carpet does match the drapes

  37. I will finish school this time

So just some thoughts that came to mind while pondering this day and of course wondering when my adopted family will realize they missed my birthday … probably sometime over christmas when they are all together ( and I am not there )


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  1. 1 Goddess

    UGH, I missed your birthday! I’m sorry. I’d miss my own ass if it wasn’t attached to me.

    Hope you had some semblence of a good day.

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