Republican Clown Posse

 In my travels across this fair city I live in I sometimes see the odd and unusual.

The other day < post election thumping WHOOT! ! ! > I happened to be leaving campus of the college I attend, when I saw the following stickers all on the back window of the same Blazer type vehicle. First there was a  Large sticker of the Insane Clown Posse Hatchet Man dominating the whole back window.

That in itself is not that odd, there is a fair sized contingent of the Juggalo clown army here.

But when I saw not only the big Red W sticker, showing mad props for King George the idiot, then framing it stickers referencing both our local Republican House of Representative Member as well as our Republican Governor, I started to question my sanity. I was looking at evidence of yet another strange subgroup of the G.O.P., The Juggalo Clown Republican, I wonder how they get along with the Log Cabin Republicans?

 If I had, had a camera I could have shared this bit of nuttiness with everyone. For this was a sign that the Republicans are truly the people’s party … embracing weirdo’s of all kinds. I would have to say definitely an oxymoron …

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