looking at my calender there are only 25 more days then I am done for winter break. Of course in those next twenty five days,

I have a paper due,

an art project due and paper on said project due,

and at least three more tests

plus my finals.

My brain is melting and my fingers cramping from all the notes…

I have decided all I am doing over christmas break is sleeping and reading a lot of fantasy novels.

 Next semester doesn’t look to be any lighter in all honesty as I will have both a math and a biology class.

 remind me again why it was a good idea to go back to school  ? ?

This semester has been harder for personal reasons as well. Quite a few hardballs hit me this fall, scaring me into certain realities and realizations about myself that were and still are very hard to face.  It will just take time though, i must learn to be patient. Not one of my best abilities…I will be honest…

A big lesson for me to work on. Perhaps I can squeeze that in between Anthropology and Bio Lab next semester…

I guess the whole school thing took on a new level of importance though when I was inducted into the Honor society, while I have siblings that graduated college before me, and younger siblings at that, none of them were in the Honor Society. So that does mean a lot. I will maintain that 4.0 and I will continue to move forward towards my goal.

I will not allow the things thrown at me in hopes of sidetracking me, succeed. I will perservere and I will prove to myself ( and of course my family mom most of all ) that I can do something, stick with it, and succeed.

Perhaps this is part of the grand experiment that the Goddess has for me to show me just what kind of strong stuff I am made of.

I just have to keeep from letting my own fears and worries sabotage my forward motion.

Which for me is always easier said than done.


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