Sometimes it feels like there are forces at work to keep me from the intertubes.

First we lose internet connect due to the move… for a month

then my computer decides to be a bitch

Sequiota Park

then the biggest ice storm in the last 50 years hits my area and I am without power in freezing cold weather for 13 days

13 days=300+ hours with no heat or lights

Let me tell you Boys and girls it was DAMN COLD ...  

But I have defeated these evil forces and am now back on My PC in My heated house with power and all things technological and I realize…

Holy crap I am a child of the times… I must have some form of technology about me

and now that I can type 60 WPM I hate writing long hand… I will not be a happy camper when the revolution/internal civil war/ armageddon/ Big massive natural disaster hits and I lose my technology again.

 Back before I embraced the computer, I preached against its evil ways claiming it was a force from the dark side bent on the destruction of mankind as we know it.

SO it seems I have fallen prey to my arch nemesis, the intertube… Oh how I have missed it warm glow

 I will be posting pictures sometime this week of the ICE STORM  

(bolding the words indicates their importance)

as well as my thoughts on the good bad and ugly of being in a National natural disaster .

FEMA??? we dont need no stinkin’ FEMA


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