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I stumbled across this website that rather intrigued me the other day. It caused me to have to stop and really think about how I would answer the various questions that are posed.

It is of a Pagan nature, it will give you a question relating to some aspect of the Pagan/Wiccan faith, that you then [...]

Last night the Dragon and I were in round three debating on *what to do, before finally settling on watching some telly.

*i.e. watching tv or staying in the computer room. Debating which we would enjoy more before we finally winding down for bed.

The next decision is whose taste will we cater to [...]

You know sometimes I hate having to hold it all in.

Being the Me I am underneath all the time. That would be grand.

But I can’t, cause she is not always a very nice person.

Not At ALL

Its hard analyzing each statement to make sure it isn’t condescending, or rude. Making sure I am not seeming to [...]

Cindy Sheehan is coming to speak at a panel discussion here in Springfield Mo that will include a Army Officer currently stationed in Iraq. Her being included in the days events have already caused some conflict and concern, but the panel will go on as planned. Springfield is considered a conservative, republican town so it [...]

Spent the whole weekend doing online stuff with blogs and just basically surfing the web.

I have also been slowly but surely unpacking. Finding all the little things I have missed since they have been packed away in boxes for the most part since October of 2005.

I was busy all weekend, busy blatantly not doing schoolwork.

Sometimes [...]

Someone asked me this past week why I chose to never have children, so many reasons really, of which the following is just a part of those,

As a Bastard child of Adoption. I wish my mother had been given all the options
women today have. Unwed, the father heading to Vietnam, 1969 in Kansas. Buckle
of the [...]

I have decided a change is in order. I grew tired of the way the site looked and all. I also felt if MimredBeard was gonna represent the whole of who I am not just the sex side than it should show more of who I am as well. I have been writing about more [...]