Spent the whole weekend doing online stuff with blogs and just basically surfing the web.

I have also been slowly but surely unpacking. Finding all the little things I have missed since they have been packed away in boxes for the most part since October of 2005.

I was busy all weekend, busy blatantly not doing schoolwork.

Sometimes it feels good to not do the homework and just relax, but now I must put nose back to scholarly grindstone since I have a math test on Wed. ACK! ! !

So of course I stayed up way to late last night finishing homework. SIGH went to bed around 2 am hoping that I would not regret the late hour. As it was I did regret it ….

Woke up this morning sick as the proverbial dog…sorta it was more I just could not wake up at all.

No matter how much coffee I consumed. I finally called into work, emailed my professors, and went back to bed, sleeping another 5 hours.

I think the brownies that The Dragon made Sunday were laced with something.

Neither of us could make it out of bed, we both just wanted to sleep.

I think perhaps the Ghiradelli chips he added had sleeping potions infused with the chocolate. ( I joke but seriously… )

Perhaps my sleepiness was just in response to the gloomy day outside.

Today is one of those rainy days, sky grey with clouds.
The streets all slick with rain, as it courses down the sides on its merry way somewhere.

I stood on my front porch earlier watching it rain, looking at the destruction still visible amongst the tombstones and paths marking the cemetary across the street. It still has so many trees down from the ice storm its sorta sad.

I was hoping when we first moved in, that this spring it would be a feast of greens only to be outdown this fall when they all changed colors and welcomed the slowing of the seasons back in.

This weekend I also tried to see if any of my plants were able to be salvaged from the freeze.
When the ice storm hit and we lost power I knew all my plants were gonna die. So far I think I lost three, The Philadendron from my Grampas funeral, the Peace Lily from my Brother Phishmans funeral and the lucky bamboo that Villian and Creepy gave me two years ago. I am so sad to lose these since they were reminders of people I love and care about. But I am still trying I cut away all the dead parts and am hoping that soon I will see regrowth.

If not well then I will have tried my best. Such is the way of these things I guess. I will just have to work with what I have left.

Damn ICE ! ! ! !

I am so looking forward though to spring, she cannot come soon enough.

Imbolc ( February 1st/2nd) was the first of the spring Sabbats and I was very glad to mark it this year with candles burning and a small rite in my new home.

Acknowledging Brighid in all her glory as a Goddess of Fire,


and the inspiration she brings as well as all the wonders of new life that Imbolc signifies.
Renews my faith in my beliefs as a Pagan. Watching the Wheel as it turns year in and out, gives me a sense of solidity in a world full of Chaos.
She is always there tending as she has done from the dawn of time this beautiful green and blue jewel we know as Earth.

The wheel of the year

It seems the longer I honor and follow the seasons as laid out on the Wheel of the Year the more in tune with Mother Earth I become.

I feel everything more clearly now.

The night the trees fell, the first night of the ice storm I was standing on my front porch weeping with every crack, sobbing as they plummeted to the ground.

It saddens me everyday as I drive across this town seeing all the trees and their damaged parts. But I know it all happens as the Goddess wills it.

But even now with it still being cold and nasty outside, I can feel in my very bones the pushing forth of new life, right there under the surface just waiting to breathe fresh and free.

Have I mentioned I cannot wait for spring?

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