Cindy Sheehan is coming to speak at a panel discussion here in Springfield Mo that will include a Army Officer currently stationed in Iraq. Her being included in the days events have already caused some conflict and concern, but the panel will go on as planned. Springfield is considered a conservative, republican town so it should be interesting.

Of course people are already commenting on the article in the newspaper. Calling Sheehan everything but a good person. I do not understand why it is so hard for anyone to understand the idea of free speech exists no matter what.
It does not matter if it is war time or peace. We as Americans have the right to speak out about what we believe in. Whether or not I believe in what Mrs. Sheehan is doing I believe she has a right to say what wants. That is the same right as someone who disagrees with her has to stand up and speak for what they believe in.

It seems to be the worst here in the Midwest, I have been told more than once to get my heathen Godless person to the east or west coast where losers like me should be.
Unfortunately for them I am not going anywhere, I like here in my little corner of the Ozarks. I am from this area and here is where I am going to stay thank you very much. Believing what I want and how I want honoring my country and those who have died protecting it, by embracing my Constitutionally guaranteed Freedoms, Each and Every One! ! ! ! !

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