The wee little canine Andy

Last night the Dragon and I were in round three debating on *what to do, before finally settling on watching some telly.
*i.e. watching tv or staying in the computer room. Debating which we would enjoy more before we finally winding down for bed.

The next decision is whose taste will we cater to tonight with what we watch? Mind you our tastes are pretty similar in all things so this is not that hard a choice. But sometimes neither of us have a frelling clue what we want to see.
It usually runs something like one of us saying, ”

Ok hon what do you wanna watch on tv? I don’t really have a preference.” To which the other one responds ” I don’t care. Whatever you want to watch I guess. ”

This starts an almost vicious cycle of channel flipping for something new and entertaining, when out of sheer frustration it is finally put on the same old thing we watch every night at this time, reruns of Voyager or CSI. Sometimes we do surprise ourselves and watch Adult Swim or Comedy Central. But those are nights we are definately out side the box, and living on the edge.

He decided mid debate that he was at least going to take the trash out. Hoping then that the whole deciding what to watch would be left solely up to me.

I countered that move by deciding I was going to help him.

I assisted in the process by putting a new liner in the can and then grabbed the last of my black cherry iced tea from the fridge. YUMMMMY fruity iced tea goodness…

The Dragon uses at least 2 tea bags of Black Cherry Berry tea an 3 of the big iced tea tea bags to make it for me. It is by far the best, better in my opinion than Raspberry iced tea.

I want to try it next time with maybe a hint of mint added….. mmmmmmmm

Anyways I digress. The Dragon calls me to the porch with a rather scared tone. From the tone of Dragons voice and the look on his face I immediately knew to be worried, when I got to my front door he turns to me and states

” there is a chihuahua loose on our front porch! ”

Damn ! ! !

Now I am an animal lover everyone who knows me, knows that. My whole thing though is that when it comes to dogs I look at them the same way I do children, I dont deal with the small ones.

So this was not what I wanted to hear.

I joined the Dragon on the front porch and watched as this blonde little ball of yapping madness ran all over the porch and yard out of complete terror.
It didn’t of course help that, my dogs could hear the yapping taking place, and were adding their deeper more big dog voices into the mix.
In looking around I saw no one.

My worst fears were becoming confirmed, this was a lost dog.

The Dragon and I were finally able to get it to come to us and decided to take it inside where it was warm. Poor little thing was shaking worse than they normally seem to do. I got in the car and drove the block trying to spot someone out looking for their dog.


I got home called my animal expert TurtleRex and asked her advice. After she and I conversed, The Dragon and I decided to put the dog in a animal carrier for the night.
We had a medium sized dog one he would fit in and be comfortable. Then we would look for the owner in the morning.
I spent all night just sure someone out there was heartbroken to think their dog was gone.
I spent all day at school then work hoping the Dragon would call and tell me that someone had seen the sign we put up and the pup was back home. But unfortunately when I got home the wee thing was still there.
At this point my three big dogs are going nutters. They know there is another animal in the house and they HAVE to investigate it.
I worry that with my big boys not being fond of little yappy things that a meeting would not go over well.

OK what I am trying to say is they would either eat it or try and play with it and either way they would seriously hurt the little guy.
So that can’t happen. The Dragon and I drive the neighborhood again asking everyone we see if they know anyone who has lost a dog.
We come up with nothing, but did get A LOT of Kudo’s from our neighbors for taking the time to look and do all this over a animal.
Made me feel good.
Even if it was a chihuahua…

When we got home I started calling the Vet clinics in my area, a tip from the wise TurtleRex to give them my information in case someone had called reporting our little canine guest missing. Called the radio station that lists that information as well as the shelter and Animal control.
I figured it would be another day before we heard anything.
The Dragon and I decided our houseguest was to be here another night and we made plans to procure small dog, dog food. As well as have him checked out by Turtlerex since her day job is being a vet tech and she could tell us if he was healthy and ok.
Then the Dragons phone rang, and we learned that our little houseguests name was Andy and he had a momma that missed him very much and was worried that he might have been hurt.
Within the hour our little friend was reunited with people he knew.

I know all of this is sappy and stuff when you look at the big picture of the world today.

But Dammit watching that little chihuahua tear around my yard last night freaking out I honestly could have wept.
But we did what we knew we had to do. Take the dog in and find its parents.

Over the course of looking this afternoon so many people expressed shock that we were going to the lengths that we were.
To me we weren’t doing enough, but then I am that way.
Andy meant something to somebody, and she meant something to him.
Doing what we did cost us nothing, but some time and a little bit of sleep. A few phone calls and now people and animals who started out this day feeling bad are back to being happy.

Yet everyday it seems people do not want to stop and not think of themselves and look to help someone else out. It makes me crazy and realize that those of us who do these kind of things are a rare commodity indeed.

I know it was just an animal, but that is it it was an animal, a living breathing member of this planet and it deserved respect as much as any other vaguely rodent looking dog with bulging eyes.
As much respect as any other living, surviving, interecting with your community person, cause no matter how much society makes you wanna be a hermit you know its not right to do.
Anyways, it would just makes the neighbors talk about you and Goddess knows in todays day and age where that will get ya.

I’ll tell ya where that will get ya, 5 to 10 in the cell next to the unibomber and thats if you are lucky.

But as I was saying helping someone or something,for those who don’t like refering to animals in any manner that gives them a sense of human type intelligence, is what we should all do, at least, every day.
That whole helping our fellow man bit.
Now it comes with its own issues and all but come on we’re adults, with our big people britches on, we can now use the big adult scissors with the shiny scary blades. No more sitting at the kids table at holiday time for us.
But it seems that almost adult like of traits looking beyond yourself to the basic needs of those around you, is going the way of the unicorn.
I know that people understand the need to help others I just dont know why I dont see more truly random acts of kindness.

Do you?
Post script ~ Where did this blog post title come from?

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